Digicam Control an open source tether tool

Post update on 22.Feb.2015

I allready posted articles on a couple of so called tether tools. Today we’ll take a look on another tool which gained quite a bit attention.


We’re talking about  digicamcontrol, an opensource Windows only solution. At the time version 1.2.50 beta is available. Just like [post id=759]DSLRDashBoard[/post] the program focus on Nikon and Canon owners. If you take a look on the list of supported cameras you’ll notice that the support for Canon cameras is not on the same level as with Nikon cameras. Anyway i tried out the software with a Canon 7D.


The installation after downloading the msi file works out without any problems.


Take a look at the screencast:

The 2 little bugs in the software, mentioning camera settings are not updated to the camera in Liveview mode or that the timelapse mode (advanced) won’t let you change the focus step, are probably due the beta state of the software. You just have to be patient and wait for the further development. But if you want more than a simple timelapse or tether capturing the software is usable only with restrictions. That is same situation like [post id=759]DSLRDashBoard[/post].

A little bit annoying to me are the built in tools, which are part of the image processing. Taking a tether software and render the timeapse sequence to a video remarkable. In my opinion this hinders the development of the software in its base functions. Rendering a timelapse video can be done with opensource software like virtualdub or TLTools.


The software is on a right way, but at the time not usable for productions  purposes, at least with the camera modells i own.

What are your experiences with software like this, is it working with your camera? Just leave a comment or quesrions.

ciao tuxoche





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