Fast internet from 1und1 and Hermes logistics

As you could  read in the last  weekly review [post id=799]02/2015[/post] i have a new internet provider since middle of last week.

My old internet connection provided  6MBit in downstream and something arround 300KBit upstream. You can imagine that a video or screencast upload proves your patience 😉

Fast internet from 1und1 and Hermes logistics

I already tried to get an internet connection via  Unitymedia , which offers a downstream with  100MBit , but too bad our antenna system is to old to get this speed. End of last year i used an offer from  1 und 1 nominal  50 MBit down- and 10 MBit  upstream speed.

1 und 1 took care about my old provider and emailed me the activation date for 15/01/07. As announced in this email i got another email shortly before christmas that a package with a new VDSL modem/router was supposed to be delivered until the activation date.

Til then evrything was fine and even the delivery status available on the website didn’t look like problems at all. On january 5th the router wasn’t delivered so we called the internet provider and he promised a delivery in time til the activation date. On january 6th we  called again and we called the logitics company  Hermes . They couldn’t explain why the delivery wasn’t allready done, but they promised an in time delivery for the next day, the day of the activation. Because of this story you might huess what happen, the needed wasn’t delivered on 7th of january. The internet connection was deactivated thru my old provider and i had no VDSL router to establish a connection. Ok the router was deleivered a day later, but i will not order anything any more if the logistics company is named Hermes.

Fast internet from 1und1 and Hermes logistics

The so called Homeserver is a labeled AVM  Fritzbox 7362 SL. This router provides 2  analog connections for phones, but only one is usable at the same time. If you want to connect more phones you have to invest in DECT . There are  4 Gigabit LAN connections and one for USB. From the LAN connections i used 2 for my desktop pc and my [post id=109]Linux server[/post].

Connecting to the router for the first time you just have to type in the WLAN key (which is noted on the bottom side of the device, but 1und1 provides a separte document for the router, where you can find the needed key). After this connections the router connects to the provider automatically sinstalls DSL and the assigned telephone numbers, which is a great convenience.

I used a couple of internet speedtests to measure the connection. The results ranges from 46-48 MBit on downstream and 6.5 to 8 MBit on upstream, so o first sight i am pretty happy about the gained speed, allthough i have to check on the upstream speed.

What do think, good choice and what is your internet provider and did you have any problems switching? Just leave me your comments.

ciao tuxoche


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