Review last week 16/2014

In my last [post id=312]review[/post] i stated to calm down a little bit on the easter weekend.

Review last week 16/2014

Nevertheless we took a look on [post id=315]virtual copies and snapshots in Lightroom[/post]. Virtual copies are easy to handle and the optimum media to try out different development oder crop settings on an image.

They are generated with a mouse click and you can view the differences on development side by side, while working with snapshots you have to reset the development state manually to the desirded set.

Virtual copies only have one disadvantage, they only exist within the Lightroom catalog, so you have to take care backing up the catalog. In my [post id=196]backup[/post] article i showed how to backup the catalog to an external drive or a NAS from within Lightroom.

Review last week 16/2014And there were about 2 updates for WordPress. At the beginning of the week WordPress version 3.8.3 showd up, a bugfix release. At the end of the week the new WordPress version 3.9 aka Smith was released.

Installing the new version 3.9 the main difference is the editor. You’ll get a preview for your galleries added to an article or page. This is a very nice feature. The other improvements i didn’t try yet. To my opnion inserting images into an article was made a lot easier.

I look ahead on your comments/suggestions or your questions. If you prefer not to comment an article i certainly appreciate a +1, Like or Twitter share.

And to remind you i installed a further newsfeed for this blog via feedburner, so if you like take a look at it

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