Review last week 12/2014

Post update on 14.Aug.2016

Last week 12/2014 and the weather was at least fine on thursday and the best i got off work and could use the day for taking pictures 😉

Later on i probably post a couple of pitcures on

Review last week 12/2014In the first article this week i posted a little [post id=158]screencast[/post] on how to vanish people on crowded places with a little help from Photoshop. This technique is interesting on sightseeing points and other places, which since everybody wants to see them they are overcrowded .

Taking a series of pictures from a steady tripod you’ll have to pay attention that at least every part of the object is viewable. You can combine this technique with ND-Filters, which are advised as a single method to vansih people, but this only works, if people are not standing arround 😉 Loading the single images into Photoshop layers you can easily paint out people and other distrubing objects.

Review last week 12/2014In the second article i presented the Lightroom plugin [post id=153]LR/Enfuse[/post] in a screencast. But this time, the plugin is not used to assemble HDR images, this time it it used to assemble stack images (i hope you don’t mind that the article was published a little later 😉 ) With a defined preset the plugin can combine a series of focus stacking images to a single image.

The plugin is a little bit slower comapred to Photoshop or CombineZP, but it is (almost) free of charge and integrated into Lightroom. It is an alternative for sure for those people want to play arround with HDR or focus stacking images and want to avoid costly programs or plugins.

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I installed a further newsfeed for this blog via feedburner, so if you like take alook at it

ciao tuxoche


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