Last week review 13/2015

Last week review 13/2015 and spring is doing a break again, but we only have end of march 😉

Last week review 13/2015This week our backsight goes very far into the past, we’re talking about the [post id=911]30th anniversary[/post] of the GNU manifesto, which is closely connected to success story of Linux.

The manifest was developed by Richard Stallmann , who wanted to set the basics for a free Unix.  Linux Torvalds licensed his Linux published first in 1991 to the GPL license, which guaranteed free software, but also allowed commercial usage of the new operating system.

Last week review 13/2015Myself accompanied the development of Linux since 1996, partly as a actvie developer for a little project und til today i’m running my [post id=109]DIY NAS server[/post]. This server is running a Debian distribution, this way i’m safe against proprietary add ons or extensions, which are supported by the manufacturer only. This NAS upgraded to the Debian version 7 without any problems, so i don’t worry about the upcoming Debian 8 version. On my desktop PC or my notebook Windows 8.1 is running, because with the upcoming digital photography and the needed image processing software wasn’t available on Linux.

Last week review 13/2015[post id=3189]Lightroom 6[/post] or better the rumors about the release date kept is running in march, but nayway no version 6 has been published so far. All date for a possible release march 9th, 20th or 25th were right and Adobe keeps silent.

Maybe Adobe wanted to test customers reactions on the new functions, like i already mentioned in the [post id=909]last week review.[/post].

The short videos on the HDR or the panorama function vanished from the website and the discussion on the new functions, especially the face recognition are different. So maybe these leaks were only to test reactions. I hope Adobe goes thru a longer public beta with a RC version of the software to avoid problems like with version 5.

Last week review 13/2015Reading this article you aks yourself the questions, did i set the clock to [post id=274]daylight saving[/post], since the 1 hour setting the time ahead this was last night. But if you relay forgot it, its correctable later on in your workflow.

Next week we taken a look on something connected with panorama photography ( of course if Lightroom 6 is published we’ll take a first look on this).

I hope that some of the articles on this blog gained your interests and i look ahead to your comments/suggestions. And don’t forget, i installed a feed for you via feedburner . And next week we’ll take a look on a 30th anniversary.

ciao tuxoche

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