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Post update on 14.Aug.2016

I started this blog in addition to my german page tuxoche.de as a private project to publish articles mainly on photographic topics.

6 months onlineOk let me be honest, the first article published was on January 22, but anyway it feals great to have a growing number of readers. This blog is a follower project from tuxoche.de, my german blog, which is online for 18 months these days. I also startet a blog to present my fotos belichtungs-zeit.net. But let talk about this blog.

Due to the german blog, i already made a little bit of practise and posted articles on a regular base, mainly on wednesday and saturday, so one day after the german post the article is available english. Meanhwhile there are 78 articles available.

The main topics are

  • Lightroom and Photoshop, but also other tools/raw converters
  • Timelapse/Hyperlapse capture taking
  • Tips and hints on workflows
  • (Software)Tools for tether shooting
  • Desktop PC or notebooks in general

6 months onlineTaking pictures one issue is data backup. I published a article series how i do backups for Windows, the Lightroom catalog and the pictures. Part II explained backup of the Lightroom catalog from within Lightroom and and Part III explained how to backup the images on a NAS. I posted the highlights in another article. Because backup is so easy, you should do it at least after every photo session.

6 months onlineAllways a great topic is Adobe software, Lightroom and Photoshop. I publshed articles and hints the workflow with lightroom , for example the article about substituting a polarizing filter with Lightroom, ok at least sort of 😉 or the article and screencast about the Lightroom import dialog. But not only workflow hints are interesting, the new softweare releases on the Adobe day were thrilling. Lightroom with a new version 5.5, a new Photoshop CC and the offer from the Adobe photography program staying permanent. All great news.

Just one statement, if i write an article about software or other tools the article reflects my opinion, it’s not a test.

But anyway a lot of topics and it is interesting that more and more people take a look on my website, many thanks for that one. But this summer i want concentrate more on talking picture rather than wirting about, how i process them. So maybe there might be the one or the other week, where i don’t publish two articles.

But i hope that all my readers will continue reading my articles. And like always i’m looking forward to your comments/suggestions or questions if you like.

cioa tuxoche



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